Gemini design group

Owner- Lead Designer

Carla Gaeta

Carla Gaeta is the visionary force behind Gemini Design Group, where dream spaces become reality. With a legacy spanning nearly three decades in design, renovation and project management, Carla brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project she undertakes. Her expertise is focused on kitchen and bathroom renovation and design, however, Carla can engineer and design just about any room of the home. Her moto is “There is a creative solution to everything”.

One of Carla’s clients, Glenn F. from Middlesex County, NJ, summed up the transformative power of her work best: “I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Carla for all her help. Every night, at the end of it all, I sit and look at my wonderful new kitchen…and I am so happy.”

What sets Carla Gaeta apart is not just her creativity in design and problem solving skills, but her dedication to fostering meaningful relationships with her clients. Recognizing that a remodel can be a disruptive chapter in someone’s life, Carla goes above and beyond to ease the process, from meticulous preparation to seamless project coordination. With her expertise in the design/build process and materials, clients can rest assured that their project will be executed with precision and completed in a timely manner, yielding stunning results. It takes a team to execute the remodel of a home.

Beyond her design expertise, Carla’s multicultural background, from having lived in 5 countries, enriches her perspective and allows her to connect with clients and trades on a deeper level. Fluent in English and good skill in Italian and Portuguese, with knowledge of Spanish, French, and German, Carla brings a global sensibility to her work, ensuring that every client feels understood and valued.

Gemini design group
Award Winning Kitchen and Bath Designer
Renowned for her ability to craft stunning designs across all levels and budgets, Carla has earned accolades as one of Houzz’s ‘Best’ designers, thanks to her strong commitment to exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail. Her outstanding reputation is underscored by a many of glowing reviews from satisfied clients, whose spaces have been transformed under her guidance.